Cookeville Crazy quilters is an organization of local quilters who share a passion for the creative art of making quilts.  The current group has approximately 50 members who are active in all aspects of the process of sharing and learning about quilts.  Cookeville Crazy Quilters are members of the Tennessee Valley Quilters organization.  Activities include community projects, classes, quilt retreats, and hosting a biennial quilt show.


  1. Many, Many thanks to each of you for extending such kindness to the Clarksville Quilters who attended your Southern Charm Quilt Show on November 9, 2018. Thankfully they were able to have their van repaired while they enjoyed the show. We appreciate your thoughtful and "southern hospitality" extended to our ladies.
    Staff of the Clarksville 50+ Activity Center

  2. I am moving to Cookeville with my husband in February. I would love to join your group. We don’t know anyone in Tenn. We are retired & decided to make a life changing move. I have been a quilter since the 80’s. I would love to make new friend. Thank you. Joyce Highland

  3. I would like to attend your meeting this Thursday but first I would like to speak to your president about a bus trip to Piegon Forge please call me at 505-920-3600
    Dee Martinez

  4. I would like to join the group. How do I join this group. My phone number is 931-854-1413. Thanks in advance for any information.

  5. Quilters Dream Estate Sale
    My mother will be having an estate sale in Chattanooga June 13-16. She has tons of quilting material, books, accessories & 2 sewing machines that will be for sale. I would like to get the word out to the quilters in the area. I would be grateful for any contact information you can send me.

    Kind Regards,
    Karen Schmidt

  6. I would like to join your group, do I just come to a meeting?
    Mary Burr

  7. Hello,
    I moved to Tennessee from Minnesota last year and would like to speak to your guild. I present with Powerpoint for 45-55 minutes with lots of tips and tricks, along with a large trunk show and patterns.
    I recently spoke to the Piecemakers Quilt Club in Lebanon July 8, 2021. You can contact President Julie Reynolds jrquilting4262@gmail.com
    This is a letter from the Minnesota Quilt Guild:
    I understand that you are looking for speakers.
    My name is Merle Pratt and I was the Education Co chair for the Minnesota Quilt Guild. You should consider Anne Marcellis.

    I invited Anne to be our presenter in Aug 2018. Anne was great to work with. She was very prompt with the paperwork. The presentation was great. The room was bright and fun with all of her colorful quilts. Her presentation is also bright and fun and fast paced. Along with her quilt journey she had lots of tips and tricks for quilting. My only regret was that I didn't take notes.

    Check out her quilt "Sammy's Delight" in the Quilt Art 2019 calendar (September). You will want to see this one in person. Her quilting is fantastic and she does it on her stationary machine.

    Happy Quilting!
    Merle Pratt

    Please let me know if you have any questions. I’m available anytime in 2022.
    Thank you,
    Anne Marcellis

  8. So sorry the guild disbanded and your listing on the QuiltingHub Network was removed. If it ever comes back, visit quiltinghub.com and click advertise.

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